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Help me build a brand new social media platform, to help Humanity

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My idea is a new social media platform, i already have the letters for it. The challenging part would be a world view of the map, and having people show up, when a number is being brought up. So in the app, i would like users to scroll over planet earth like a globe, and when a person says a number, it will pop up on the globe, then people would be able to see the persons location,time and number. When they click on the name, they would be able to see the reaction to the number as well. I already have the blueprint of the design functions extc. I'm not sure if i have to patent this first. I'm in the process of getting the website name. The Icon for the app would be planet earth, and the letters YJ would be on it. (Haven't made a Logo yet, and the website i have currently in I'm trying to get