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NakoBot ™ is a javascript BOT that is used for moderation, security and data protection. Multifunction!

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The application allows you to add emojis and remove them; Add or remove a role to all members of the server ; It can add a role or delete to a member ; it performs moderation with the possibility to ban or even expel a member, it can also delete messages from a channel, it can also block & unblock a channel in case of an attack on a server, the bot also has the possibility to unban a person or unban all members containing members in the "ban" category of a server, it can also mute a user if he sends too many messages but also it can send back the picture of a given user and that of a given server, it can also send back the information of a server, a user and the application, it can also send back ascii code or even ask questions about programming and most importantly it can kiss members.


Tu souhaites sécuriser d'avantage ton serveur Discord ❓ • NakoBot possède sur lui plus de 20 commandes de modération qui sont toutes en langues française 🇫🇷.

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