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Dragon’s Dungeon

A fun and active discord server, including free weekly giveaways, movie nights, games nights and many other events!

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Hello there! Please consider joining Dragon’s Dungeon! We are a group of friendly people who support each other and play games, watch movies, stream, and more. 🫂Friendly Mods & Staff ❣️Moral support & vent channels 🎬Weekly movie nights 🎥Anyone can stream or video 🏃🏽‍♀️Organized & Active 🎮Game bots 🎤Music bot 🌈Self-roles (No everyone ping) 🏆Leveling system with roles & giveaway benefits ⬆️Invite giveaway benefits 🎉Giveaways: Nitro and bot currency giveaways held regularly every week! 🪄Random nitro drops at any time. ✨Level 1 Boosted Server 🤝Partnerships Open! We have all of this and even more to come! We would love to have you:)