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This is a place for designers. Were we help peoples and brands achieve their goals through the power of Motion Graphics and Design

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🎖️Dope Graphics Welcome to Dope Graphics! This is a friendly server for Designers and for fun!

Our server specializes on 10+ different fields of Design and fun

🔸Motion Graphics tutorials 🔸Powerful bots 🔸Funny bots like Dank Memer 🔸Chat an play win XP's and level ups 🔸Game bots 🔸Logos 🔸GFX Materials and background 🔸PUBG and other background and videos 🔸Earn coins :coin: 🔸Catch pokémons and battle etc. ——————————————————————

So it would be cool if you would likely to join my server!

⚡YouTube tutorials and Instagram posts!!

Our server: 🧀 Play Akinator 💈Promote you projects in promotion ⚓ A place where you play, learn, get promoted and find amazing.

Our goal:

> :busts_in_silhouette: - 500+ Members > :gem: - Level 3 boost > :speech_balloon: - Active chat Vote us on <;

Social Medias: :YouTube: YouTube - <; :Instagram: Instagram - (Dopegfx73) <http