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DJ WALA BABU is a music bot for discord. It's pretty simple and runs off of JDA, this bot allows you access to all features free of charge.

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Description A New Discord Music Bot At High Quality.

Help Commands DJ WALA BABU Help PREFIX: =

=filter Set Audio - Effects

=leave Leave the current channel

=loop Toggle music loop

=lyrics Get lyrics for the currently playing song

=move Move songs around in the queue.

=nowplaying Show current song

=pause Pause the currently playing music

=play Plays song from YouTube/Stream

=queue Show the music queue and now playing.

=radio Play a Radiostation

=remove Remove song from the queue

=resume Resume currently playing music

=search Search and select videos to play

=shuffle Shuffles the current Queue!

=skip Skip the currently playing song

=skipto Skip to the selected queue number

=stop Stops the music

=volume Change volume

=botlist Gives you the botlists of the Bot

=help Gives you a list of all help Commands

=invite Invite the bot to your server.

=ping Gives you the ping of the Bot

=prefix Sets a server specific Prefix

=uptime Gives you t