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Stake Pool, Masternode Host, Cloud Mining, Faucets, 0% Stake Fees 0% MN Slot Fees

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Interest Rates start at 7.572% that compounds daily at 0.02% on the following coins BTC, DOGE, Dash, LTC and StakeCubeCoin (SCC) Interest rates can be increased by having Cold or Hot MN in SCC. Self filling Faucets include SCC, MMO, ESBC, TRBO, ASAFE, ABET, CTSC, PRIV, XP, MONK, Community filled Faucets include BTC, DOGE, Dash, BLOCK, DGB, PIVX, VSX, KYDC Cloud Mining Workers cost $4 USD and payout coins include BTC, SCC, Dash, LTC, ETH, and Doge Mining web mining only uses your CPU and is really easy it pays out in SCC that can be traded for any other coin in the pool You can also download the XMRig Config and mine with GPU’s and CPU’s MN’s and Staking Masternode slots are free but have a 5% earnings fee and full masternodes (Hot or Cold) cost $1 USD per month and StakeCube will maintain the MN and do all server end work for you. Staking is really easy and how I first got into crypto its like mining but all you have to do is have the currency (when it's in a