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Discord’s Got Talent ✨???

A discord competition for a cool title and some fun!

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Hi! And welcome to Discord's Got Talent. I'm just gonna explain how DGT works first of all. (AND PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS) So basically, every day all day there'll be auditions (I will say when the auditions for the day are finished so it dosen't matter what timezone you're in, I'll say which round we're on each day) and you queue up with your number, then you go to into the auditions VC with the audience, the judges and the host, you perform and we judge ~ some auditions will be stopped halfway through if four of the judges post a red buzzer in the auditions text chat ~ if you get three yesses at the end of your audition, you go through to the next set of auditions, held the next day. (IMPORTANT!!! : IF YOU DON'T MAKE IT TO THE AUDITIONS ON THE FIRST DAY, YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL NEXT WEEK'S ROUND -you will still be able to do everything apart from audition. e.g. be a part of the audience, apply for jobs etc.- ) There will be one full round per week, with seven sets of auditions, an